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Health and Safety

Health Services

QSI Sarajevo has a qualified nurse on duty during school hours and sporting activities. In case of injury, teachers and students should notify the school nurse. The nurse will notify parents as soon as possible if an injury occurs at school. If a student has a chronic illness or some physical handicap, all pertinent information should be given to the school office. Students who come to school with contagious illnesses, severe colds, or fevers will be sent to the nurse. Parents will be notified and requested to come and collect their child to prevent infections from spreading. It is essential that we have the following information on file in case of an illness or emergency:

  • telephone/cell phone numbers where parents can be reached;
  • names and (local) telephone numbers of relatives or friends who should be contacted when parents are not available;
  • immunization information, recommended doctor or medical services.  If your child is sick, please keep him/her at home. Please check students in and out of school through the main office.

Illness Policy

Fevers are common in young children and are often a signal that something is wrong. If your child has a fever of 99.5F (37.5C) or higher, please keep him/her at home. In order to return to school child must be 24 hours fever free. If your child develops a fever of 99.5F (37.5C) or higher while at school, the school nurse will call you to come and pick up your child. Sick students will stay in the nurse office until retrieved by parents.

Diarrhea due to illness is highly contagious. If your child has diarrhea, please keep him/her at home. If your child has 2 or more diarrhea episodes, or any uncontained diarrhea while at school, the office will call you to retrieve your child. If your child vomits while at school, you will be called immediately to pick him/her up. Please, keep your child at home 24 hours after the vomiting and diarrhea have stopped. When children return too soon, there is a much higher rate of recurrence and contagiousness.

Colds are a common occurrence.  However, there are some symptoms that warrant keeping a sick child at home. These include but are not limited to: bad cold with hacking or persistent cough, green or yellow nasal drainage, productive cough with green or yellow phlegm being coughed out. These symptoms may be present with or without fever. If your child has just cold, please notify their teacher. We encourage extra fluids and proper hand washing.

A rash may be a sign of many illnesses, such as measles or chickenpox. School must know if the rash is contagious or not. Please, do not send your child to school until your doctor says it is okay to do so.

If your child is sick or gets sick during school hours please, keep him/her at home. Child must be at least 24 hours without any symptoms of illness in order to return to school.