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AP Program

QSI Sarajevo offers College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program. Students who are qualified and ready can choose to take university-level classes in certain subjects. AP courses are taught over one year, with a final exam in May. AP courses are university-level both in content and pacing, so students who choose the challenge of AP should be prepared to work at a brisk pace and perform at the same level as a college student. 

AP courses are typically recognized by American universities, but universities worldwide acknowledge the AP program as one of rigor and challenge.

Apart from AP classes offered locally, students at QSI Sarajevo also have the option of taking over 20 AP courses offered virtually through QSI Virtual School (QVS). Current QVS offerings can be viewed at the QVS website at this link.

AP courses currently offered at QSI Sarajevo (2023-2024):

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science Principles
AP French Language and Culture
AP German Language and Culture
AP Human Geography
AP Seminar
AP Statistics
AP World History

AP Microeconomics (QVS) 
AP Macroeconomics (QVS) 
AP Psychology (QVS)
AP Literature (QVS)

The AP Capstone Diploma program is an innovative new way for high school students to earn college credit and demonstrate their mastery of advanced skills. This program offers a two-part approach, including the AP Seminar course and the AP Research course. Students who complete both courses, along with four additional APs, will receive a special recognition on their transcript as well as on any score reports sent to colleges.